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At Hamilton (Gray St) Primary School we use a positive approach to both classroom and playground behaviour management. All members of our staff have been trained in the innovative Restorative Practices approach to dealing with unacceptable behaviour and issues that may arise between students. This approach ensures equal justice and fairness as all parties are active participants in the process, which enables them to find a way forward, reducing anger and resentment. It supports students to take responsibility for their actions and to repair any harm that has been done.

Restorative Practices

How does it work?

  • Common language and the same steps are used by all staff in the Restorative Practices process.
  • All those involved are given an equal opportunity to tell their side of the incident and to communicate their feelings. They then state who has been affected by the incident.
  • Each student has the opportunity to say how they think the issue can be resolved or fixed.
  • An agreement is reached.
  • It may involve discipline procedures.
  • Relationships are healed wherever possible.

Restorative Practices helps our school by:

  • Building a caring environment around our students whilst not accepting harmful behaviour.
  • Making it a safer, happier place where our children’s talents can be recognised and rewarded.
  • Raises attendance.
  • Reduces bullying.
  • Provides fair and equitable support and mediation when conflict occurs.

Circle Time

The implementation of the Restorative Practices approach also involves all classes participating in Circle Time.  Each class takes time daily to sit in a circle and discuss any issues they may have or play relationship building games. There are specific rules for this process and all students are heard and their contributions are valued. It is a highly effective way for the class to solve problems and identify new and more effective ways to build and maintain relationships within the classroom.

You Can Do It!

The You Can Do It! Program was introduced to Hamilton ( Gray Street) primary in 2010. You Can Do It! improves the emotional and social wellbeing of all students that will in turn effect their academic outcomes.

You Can Do It! is a home-school-community approach to help young people achieve the best of their ability and experience positive social-emotional wellbeing. It is used as a framework of develop 5 foundations and 12 positive Habits of the Mind leading to a variety of positive outcomes in children and in young people, including health, feeling safe, achievement, and positive contributions.

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