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The school council is made up of elected parents of the school, elected Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) staff and the school principal. Other parents of the school are also welcome to attend as observers.

Serving on school council is a great way to get to know other families and to contribute to the running and organisation of the school. Meetings are held twice each term in the staffroom.

Our 2017 School Councillors are: Hugh Koch, David Hintum, Jo Hillman, Peta Alexander, Liz Mecham, Leanne Jacobson, Celeste Benoit, Melissa Ball, Julian Cook, Anna Robertson and Britt Hawthorne.


  • Determines the educational policy of the school within guidelines issued by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD)
  • Ensures the buildings and grounds are kept in a good state of repair
  • Considers extensions/improvements to buildings and grounds
  • Provides for cleaning and sanitation
  • Draws up an annual financial budget of proposed expenditure
  • Monitors expenditure of the school’s money
  • Stimulates interest in the school
  • Makes sure accounts are kept as directed by DEECD and publishes an audited statement of receipts and payments each year
  • Conducts a public meeting each year to report on its activities to the school community
  • Publishes an annual report
  • Either directly, or through powers delegated to the School Council by the Chief Executive, is the employer of any employees at the school other than teachers
  • Sub-committees of School Council include: Education Committee, Finance Committee, Community Relations Committee and Facilities Committee.

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