School in Action - STEM

 S - Science

T - Technology

E - Engineering

M - Mathematics



Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths program allows students to explore and delve deep through their natural scientific curiosities. A hands on approach is taken that promotes students to think critically about the world around them, assisting in forming a passion that goes well beyond the STEM classroom and into their daily life.

Students work in teams to follow the engineering design process, where students form and use creative ideas to solve and find solutions to a broad array of engineering challenges. Students enjoy bringing their own ideas and having a space where ideas can turn into solutions and products. We give students an array of experiments and projects that open student’s eyes to the wonderful world of STEM and foster a love of science for many years to come.

      Analyse all things scientifically

      Follow student curiosities to find answers for scientific questions

      Participate in group discussions and projects

      Improve coding and new age technology skills

      Attend excursion and incursions

      SCIENCE night